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All Ages, All Abilities.



Get in shape mentally AND physically with Ichiban's traditional karate program. Our adults specialize in traditional forms, kicking, punching and blocking sequences, as well as sparring to create the well-rounded student. Learning to kick and punch will only be the beginning. We will guide you down the path of a traditional martial artist as you master the kata, self defense, and fighting style of Okinawan Shorin-Ryu. Get stronger every day as you work towards your black belt, and learn a comprehensive fighting system that will let you feel confident in your ability to defend yourself. Want to earn your BLACK BELT in karate? We'll help you get there!


Research and experience has shown us that preschool age students need play to learn and explore their surroundings. The Ichiban Karate & Kickboxing Little Dragons and Ninja programs (age 3-6) allows students to engage in freeplay, work with others, follow directions, and benefit from 8 key martial art skills in our classes. We focus on discipline, balance, memory, teamwork, control, coordination, fitness, and focus throughout our exciting and engaging classes. With 5 class times to choose from, any youngster can benefit from starting a martial arts class. Get your kicks on, no matter how high they are at Ichiban.In our Youth Karate Classes (Age 7-11) students learn how to gain strength and confidence as well as goal setting and other powerful life skills.

These karate classes were started by Sensei Brett Geaber over 10 years ago. Sensei Brett started martial arts in 1993 and soon after he started he fell in love with performing his martial arts on stage. Soon enough he was performing on stages all over the world! Sensei Brett has performed in Fiji, Six Flags, Beverly Hills, and Disney World. He has He has done a show at a Providence Bruins game, at Half-time for the Harlem Globetrotters, and opened up for the WNBA All-Star game at Mohegan Sun. Sensei Brett taught himself tricks by watching martial arts films and dance videos. With all of his knowledge of traditional martial arts, performing martial arts, and his experience in performing hip-hop dance/Breakdancing he was able to mix all these arts into one AWESOME CLASS!