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 + Sparring Champs

Ichiban Karate and Fitness offers a range of classes and honors students of all ages for their success in many ways. 

We congratulate them for their hard work, dedication and growth in special ways.

Enjoy some friendly competition to see who are the sparring champs each month!

Here's what our members and students have to say!

"Not just about "Karate and Kickbox"...this is a community within a community or more simply put...a family. A family that truly cares about each of its individual members and loves them for who they are & respecting their individuality, while nurturing their desire to grow and be strong in body, mind and soul. In other words, Ichiban is an awesome place for my daughter!"

Not only is this school top notch in its instruction, where the quality of each instructor exceeds expectations; but this martial arts school offers its students, its families and its community, a safe place in which to learn a new skill. A place to grow and challenge oneself physically, intellectually and encourages a selflessness only martial artists can possess. It translates into the positive 'give back' approach the school as a whole, represents within the community of Wakefield, RI.

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